Why Choose One-Stop General Contracting Inc.

Most homeowners will hire someone for repairs or renovations. Even a homeowner experienced on home repairs may have to hire a General Contractor because of the size or level of difficulty of certain jobs. Not to mention the amount of details and attention a proper and quality home renovation deserves.

Next to you, the most important person in your renovation is the general Contractor.

He is the person who will be responsible for how the work is done.

If you choose the right General Contractor and the right Renovation Company, everything should go fine.

We at One-Stop General Contracting Inc. are family-owned and operated and we know and appreciate how important your home is to you and your family. By working efficiently and with as little inconvenience to you as possible, we are able to deliver a final product that surpasses your expectations. We are willing and able to help you refine your plans wherever possible, resulting in a more desirable and cost effective project.

The One Stop 7-Step Process

1. Initial Site Meeting & Determining Budget

We begin with a FREE initial site meeting to introduce ourselves and map out your vision, requirements and budget for the project.

2. Insurance & References

To help you decide if we are the right contractor for you, we make available references and if you wish, we provide you with our liability insurance.

3. Plan of Action

From there, we develop a plan of action for the project and discuss a time frame. Before starting the job we will give you a fixed price which includes all the materials, labour, equipment and fees and we will sign a contract. No surprise costs.

4. Communication is key!

Because we want you to feel involved throughout the entire project, you are welcome to get in touch with us at any time.

5. On-Time & On-Budget

From the initial consultation to the last service, we keep you informed of our progress so you know exactly what we are doing and how much it costs.

6. Job Completion and 1 Year Warranty

We will give you one year warranty on all work completed and if during that years there are any deficiencies we will have them fixed within 24-72 hours after the first call.

7. Experience, Craftsmanship & Affordable Price

We have the tools, craftsmanship and experience to get the job done, at a price you can afford!